Maintaining Restaurant Customer Loyalty During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Proactively Communicate with your Customers 

The situation is quickly changing, and no one knows what news will come with each day.

Customers may sympathies with businesses experiencing a crisis if you communicate with them effectively.

Inform your guests if you’re closing your doors, changing your hours, and what actions you’re taking to keep your staff and workplace safe and clean.

Give customers a method to keep engaged in addition to explaining the logistics of your strategy.

You may even solicit their opinions and suggestions for what they would want to see from your brand during these challenging times.

Giving Back to the Community

Restaurants are an essential component of the communities they serve, and many of them are in desperate need of assistance.

When restaurants take the lead on charitable giving, they distinguish themselves as community members and a brand that customers want to associate with.

It also allows businesses to organize a community-wide response to difficult times by giving them access to vital information about the clients they assist.

Restaurants should focus on data collection as they seek innovative ways to earn revenue and help their communities.

Phone numbers, shop preference data, and customer contact information all give insight into how people will want to interact with companies once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

Restaurants that plan for customer interaction will be better prepared and advertise themselves tomorrow, allowing them to get through difficult times.

Use of Technology 

Customers are still looking for the sense of community that restaurants can give, even if they are unable or unwilling to frequent eateries.

Customers are encouraged to seek out areas and outlets where they may once again feel at ease.

Offer online ordering and touchless payment options to encourage customers to choose your brand while feeling safe and comfortable at the same time.

Blink offers restaurants a streamlined approach to online ordering with built-in payment gateways. Blink provides easy-to-navigate back-end access to restaurants of branded websites and mobile applications.

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