How To Use Social Media To Attract New Food Business Customers

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1. Be Visible

Increasing your visibility online is key to ensuring that as many potential consumers as possible are aware of your brand. 

 Leverage your social media platforms to generate buzz for your business by posting frequent viral TikTok or Instagram content about your brand, deals and promotions, and new menu items. Use high-quality images and short appetizing captions of your dishes to garner interest. 

Create a mix of promotional and content for consumer engagement to keep your followers interested. Encourage them to share your posts and videos.

2. Keep Info Updated

It is imperative to make sure your business information—website, contact number, and location—is updated and accurate. 

There is no point in creating quality content that drives traffic to your pages if afterward customers are unable to locate your business or figure out how to order from you. 

Sign up for Google My Business and add your location on Google Maps so your business is as easy as possible to find. 

Also, clearly highlight how customers can order from you, including details about online ordering and food delivery platforms you partner with. 

3. Offer Discounts

Offer limited-time discounts and run promotions to increase interest quickly.

4. Communicate with Customers

At times, customers may contact you to inquire about your business. Ensure that you respond to these messages and any comments online promptly. A potential customer can quickly lose interest if you take too long to respond.

Taking out the time to reply to positive and negative reviews shows that you are active and dedicated to your customers. Partner with the Right People

Partnering with influencers and foodie bloggers can help you benefit from the reach they have online. 

In exchange for sharing content about your business or writing a review, offer them free meals or offer a discount code to encourage their followers to order from you. 

It is especially prudent to work with micro-influencers in your area who have shown a high level of engagement with their followers.

5. Use Paid Promotions

Most social media platforms have paid promotional packages which you can use to advertise your restaurant. 

Facebook, for example, can help you specifically publicize to your desired target audience in your area, which makes this an extremely effective marketing tool in growing your consumer base.

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