How To Promote Online Ordering for Your Restaurant?

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Online ordering in the food business has been increasing steadily in recent years. But it was the worldwide COVID pandemic that accelerated this trend exponentially. 

It’s more important than ever to ensure your restaurant stays competitive by offering customers options to make ordering from you as convenient as possible.

The following are some ideas on how you can promote your online ordering.

Increase Visibility

Invest time in your brand’s social media presence. Be active on as many social media platforms as possible. Add your restaurant to Google Maps and Google My Business, so it is as easy as possible to find online.

Locally Targeted Ads

Facebook offers the option of using locally targeted ads to advertise to a custom and tailored audience in your particular area. 

This approach has proven widely effective in increasing traffic to your website and enlarging your consumer base.

Advertise Frequently Offline

Constantly remind your consumers, even offline. Utilize in-store messaging—on posters, flyers, and receipts—to drive this home. Mention your website in any promotions you use in local newspapers and food magazines, including a line or two on how convenient is it for a loyal customer.

Easy as Possible

The actual process of ordering from your website should be convenient and hassle-free. Put the button to order front and center on your website, and make sure to add a link on all of your social media pages.

The digital menu should be easy to navigate. Include concise descriptions with good-quality photographs so that customers are clear about what they’ll be ordering. Simplify how to select menu items. Allow the option of storing details, so they don’t have to fill out their information again and again.

Offer Exclusive Discounts and Items

Discounts are a good incentive when attempting to increase your online orders. You can advertise any discounts on an immediate pop-up when first accessing your website or email future-use codes to your customers. 

You can rotate which menu items have price cuts or even come up with a select few online-only deals. 

Offer Free Delivery

If your restaurant doesn’t already provide free delivery, consider making this a free option for all orders taken online. 

Even if it’s to save a nominal fee, most customers will have no problem making the switch.

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