How To Increase Positive Online Restaurant Reviews

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Gathering feedback from your customers and improving your service quality is a critical aspect of running your restaurant. 

This can be the defining factor for increasing sales and ensuring repeat customers. In a highly digital world, where new customers are guaranteed to look up restaurant reviews before trying the food, you must spend time understanding the feedback from your customers and take steps to increase positive reviews. 

In the following section, we discuss some of the key actions for ensuring your restaurant gets the best reviews:

Building a solid online presence

Having a brand presence on all of the key social media is step one towards ensuring that you gather positive feedback. 

Your website and social media accounts should be easily searchable, with customers who want to leave a reviewable to do so within a few clicks. More importantly, it is critical to address customer concerns about your services and understand the drivers for any negative reviews left by customers. 

Such feedback might go unnoticed without an excellent social media presence and leave your customers frustrated. Another critical aspect of building an online presence is ensuring all of your online content is up to date; this can include menus, contact cards, and food galleries.

Ask your customers to provide feedback

Restaurant popularity is mainly spread through word of mouth, and these days through the word on social media. Getting your customers to leave reviews on your website or social media is the first step in building a strong online presence. 

Most loyal customers who enjoy your services would be willing to leave such reviews but might need a gentle reminder at the end of the meal or just as they are leaving. Alternatively, you can even connect with your customers through social media, asking them to provide feedback and ways of improving your services. 

Leaving social media scan codes on your tables can also encourage customers to sign up quickly and leave feedback.

Understand the feedback and respond to your customers

Leaving customer reviews unaddressed can be the biggest mistake you can make while building a social media presence. By communicating with the customers directly and understanding their thoughts/concerns are understood and addressed, you can quickly build a loyal customer base and also bring in new customers.

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