How to do a Restaurant Employee Evaluation?

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employee evalution

Employee evaluation serves multiple purposes. While the forms are great for quantifying performance, you can accurately estimate how much an employee is supposed to be rewarded in terms of increments in the payroll.

Just like any other organization, restaurant employees are valuable assets. The employee evaluation forms are not there for accountability measures, but they’re more of a weakness-identifying opportunity.

To get the best out of employee evaluation criterion, here are some tips to get you started:

  • First of all, train your staff with the purpose of employee evaluation. As mentioned earlier, it is a means to identify loopholes in performance and help the individuals to improve.
  • Performance reviews should always be scheduled at least 2 times a year. One review after 6 months could be soft, while the end-of-year evaluation can work towards employees’ appraisal policy.
  • Share evaluation forms with your employees in two different categories. The first category should be self-evaluation, while the other category should evaluate X employees from their peers.
  • It is always better to explain why employee evaluation forms are used by your restaurant team. Once the purpose of these forms is clear, everyone will be on the same foot during self and peer evaluation.

In the end, try to keep employee evaluation objective and unbiased to prevent any lapse in judgment on your part.

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