Front of House Staff Hiring Tips For New and Existing Food Business Owners

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Staff Hiring Tips

Your front-of-house crew is your restaurant’s public face. On a daily basis, these are the people that welcome and serve your customers.

You’re usually searching for bartenders, servers, and hosts, as well as bussers and barbacks, when employing front-of-house workers. Furthermore, the restaurant manager is a frequently neglected component of the front-of-house staff.

Create an Effective Job Description 

Include an up-front and honest description of the job’s daily responsibilities, as well as entertaining information that will entice the prospect to join your restaurant and team.

However, don’t include too many prerequisites, such as years of formal culinary school training. As a result of doing so, the number and diversity of people who apply will be limited.

Describe in detail what sets your restaurant apart from the competition. There’s no need to appear formal; simply fit the tone of your restaurant. Make jokes where appropriate and acceptable, or use informal words to personalize the job posting.

Don’t Rush the Interview Process 

To minimize a high turnover rate, look for managers who will be highly thorough during the recruiting process. 

It’s critical to have a firm understanding of the restaurant’s values and mission statement before beginning the hiring process so that you can employ people who suit that culture.

Make an appointment for the candidate to meet with at least two persons who will ask him or her various questions. 

This is also the opportunity to notice the small details, such as how the applicant is dressed, eye contact, facial expressions, and how they portray themselves overall.

Contact References 

Contact previous employers and character references to confirm the candidate’s experience and key capabilities and gain a more profound idea of the applicant’s personality and work style.

This is your only chance to hear other people’s perspectives on the individual, so make use of it.

Ask questions such as whether the reference would hire the candidate again to better understand their working relationship. 

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