6 Habits of Phenomenal Restaurant Managers

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Restaurant Manager

Almost anyone can rattle off a list of qualities that a good manager should possess. Leadership ability, organizational skills, and effective communication are some typical responses. Some bosses naturally operate above and beyond the baseline and inspire their teams in ways that truly sets them apart from others. Below is a list of habits that phenomenal restaurant managers practice.

1. Passionate

Exceptional managers are passionate about what they do. This enthusiasm proves to be contagious for others in pushing employees to be as productive and dedicated as possible. 

2. Respect Their Staff

Respect and empathy for their staff are essential. Excellent managers can build a cohesive team and build up morale in even the most high-pressure situations. 

Even when mistakes are made, genuinely great leaders can tackle the situation without belittling or undermining anyone.

3. Approachable

Outstanding managers employ an open-door policy for their employees. They are empathetic and willing to listen to the needs of those who work at the restaurant irrespective of their place in the hierarchy. 

Their team members can share their concerns without being afraid of repercussions and are confident that they will be treated fairly.

4. Good at Delegating

A restaurant manager has a lot on their plate at any given time. So they know that they can’t do it all by themselves. 

Rather than micromanage and constantly second guess their team, they can trust their employees and delegate appropriately. 

5. Set an Example

Excellent managers utilize a show rather than tell attitude. They embody, through their actions, the values of their brand and how others should be treated. This inspires others to follow suit.

6. Provide Chances to Grow

Phenomenal managers recognize the potential in others and are not threatened by the success of those working under them.

 They are keen to identify and provide their high performers with further opportunities to challenge themselves and advance their careers. 

This is why phenomenal managers make such great mentors.

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