5 Tips for Beautiful Food Presentation at Your Restaurant

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food presentation

Since the evolution of Instagram and other photo-sharing platforms, people have begun to “eat with their eyes.”

What does that mean? 

As it turns out, not only does the taste of the food matter, but the visual aesthetics play a critical role in making the food stand out.

From a marketer’s perspective, food imagery and its presentation are important because they increase preselling chances. That’s all the more reason why chefs and food enthusiasts are so keen on presenting food the right way.

Here are 5 tips for beautifying the food presentation at your restaurant:

  • Create height on the plates

Never put it on the plate right away once the food is ready to be served. If you have a mold, put the food in it to contain the area and have more height to build on.

  • Cut meat horizontally

It also applies to chilis and other spices. Horizontal cuts have a high appeal factor when the food is presented in any form or shape.

You may have noticed that sausages are horizontally cut when they’re in salads. This is because horizontal meat cuts elicit volume from a psychological point of view.

  • Use contrasting colors

Do you know why Michelin Star restaurant chefs are so keen on their food colors? That’s because contrasting colors have a higher tendency to attract people towards them.

Once the food is prepared, everything that’s served with it, as part of the side course, has more or less the same contrasting colors. Those leafy greens, gravy, and sauces are served in a way that matches the main course’s visual theme.

Keep that in mind.

  • Never underestimate the power of a camera

Use a high-quality camera and apply vibrant color filters to your food images. Vibrancy is the heart of life regarding appealing foodies on Instagram and other popular social media networks. 

  • Use edible decorations

Edible decorations not only look pretty, but they are a treat to savor on.

Artificial decorations make the food visually appealing, but it’s a huge turn-off when you have to remove those decorations. Doing so tarnishes the food presentation and originality. Therefore, edible garnishes and decorations are the way to go.

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