5 Things That Customers Won’t Tell You About Your Food Ordering App

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The best way to improve any aspect of your business to better cater to your customers is to ask for feedback. When that isn’t possible, there are a few things to keep in mind that your clients may wish you knew about your food ordering app.

1. Ease of Use is Key

If your food ordering app is challenging to navigate, you can lose many potential customers. 

Apps that are slow or contain numerous bugs quickly signal to the customer that the business is not invested in making its customer experience worthwhile or may just be struggling overall. 

Organize your food menu as simple as possible, streamline the process of ordering and add delivery tracking. More convenience means more repeat consumers.

2. Visual Aids Matter

Since it’s not possible to inquire about each dish or component when ordering online, high-quality photographs of your menu items go a long way in helping customers visualize what they’ll be getting.

3. Competitor’s App is Better

Customers nowadays have a vast range of options to choose from when deciding what and where to order. 

A customer may simply switch from you to a competitor when it is obvious they have invested far more in making their online ordering process a lot simpler and more convenient.

4. Preference for Ordering From a Website

Often customers’ would prefer to order from a restaurant’s website rather than download an individual app for each restaurant. This is especially true if they are trying out a food business for the first time or order from it infrequently. Therefore it’s a good idea to incorporate several options for online ordering for your business.

5. There is No Feedback Option

Customers may have special requests or preferences that they want those preparing or delivering their food to know. It’s disappointing when any business does not provide an option to include the customer’s special instructions.

Similarly, the customer may not have the option of making a complaint about their order when there is a problem. Mistakes that could have been easily rectified, such as having the wrong items delivered, will become massive grievances. Not only does this leave the customer frustrated (and most likely unwilling to order from you again), but you lose out on any valuable feedback you may have received to improve your business.

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