5 Ideas To Inspire Your Next Food Truck Theme

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food truck theme

Food trucks are not about selling ice cream in the middle of summer anymore. These mobile restaurants are trending now, and their menus are evolving with time. Being mobile allows you to share your food skills with the world. 


Cupcakes are an excellent concept for a food truck, and it has shown their resilience in the west. Cupcakes of all flavors, from plain vanilla to wildly decadent chocolate, can be served in a food truck. This food trend has a staying power, and your food truck can offer catering services, thus increasing your overall profit.  


Burgers are always popular with the young and the not so young. Having a burger-themed food truck can rarely go wrong, as burgers always sell. Burger trucks tend to continuously draw a crowd. 

To make your burger truck stand out, consider adding a spin to your burgers instead of just doing the usual chicken and beef patties. 


Paninis are just fancier sandwiches; they are easy to make and require minimal equipment. You can offer various options to your customers, and all you need instead of equipment are one or two panini presses. Paninis are a huge crowd pleaser and are ideal for lunch and after-work snacks. 


Barbecue appeals to the masses; it makes a fantastic food truck theme because of its low-cost food. As part of this theme, you can BBQ chicken, make ribs and steaks, combining south Asian and western concepts to it. The smoky aroma wafting from your food truck will be all the marketing you need.  

Ethnic Fusion 

Fusion food is the new trend spreading through our cities; blending ethnic cuisines can result in an instant hit for your food truck. 

For example, you can mix up Korean food with Vietnamese cuisine or Singaporean food with Malaysian cuisine with amazing blends. People visiting food trucks are always looking to try something new and adventurous.  

Local Foods 

Another famous food truck theme that you can’t go wrong with is serving a few of your local dishes. Local food restaurants continue to spread and stay successful. By providing a couple of different local foods and using organic ingredients, you can not go wrong with this theme.

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