4 Types Restaurant Discounts to Start Offering This Month

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Restaurant Discounts

Loyalty Programs 

After a first visit, loyalty programs are a terrific method to keep people coming back. 

If it matches your restaurant’s brand, a loyalty program may stimulate repeat business and strengthen customer connections.

Finding a balance between a tempting bargain for consumers and a healthy profit margin for your brand is the key to a successful loyalty offering. You shouldn’t give an overly significant discount that will cost you money in the long term.

Blink’s online ordering platform offers users the ability to provide their customers loyalty points as part of the in-built loyalty programs once they order their meals through your brand’s website or mobile application. 

Combo Deals 

Combination promotions are a fantastic approach to wow your customers. Furthermore, they will assist you in reducing extra inventory.

If there is an item on your menu that you are struggling to sell, consider making it part of a combo deal. 

Remember to be careful about what you put in your combination deals and modify the combo or the price if your profits begin to dwindle. The larger the combination, the more your profit margin is at stake.

Buy One Get One Deals 

Customers see ‘buy one, get one’ bargains as a great offer. They are simple to implement and assess.

You can change the ‘buy one get one’ structure multiple times and still obtain the same results.

Deals like ‘buy one, get one free’ are a terrific approach to establishing a loyal customer base.

It may not be cost-effective in the long term, depending on how much you give up for this offer’s “get one” component. Use this discount carefully and only on menu items where you can afford to lose money.

Calculate the profitability of your dishes and choose low-cost items to give away. Set a time limit for the promotion and keep track of the outcomes to know what is working. 

Time Sensitive Discounts 

It’s always a winner to provide a discount to your customers at specific periods. A sense of urgency might attract customers to your establishment.

Such deals are ideal for attracting customers to your restaurant during quieter times when you have fewer guests.

Think of lunch deals on weekdays, for example. You will attract new customers that may not have visited your establishment otherwise.

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