4 Types of Technology That Help Restaurants Reduce Food & Paper Waste

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  • Self-Service Kiosks

Customers have come to expect self-service kiosks at fast-food and fast-casual restaurants. Self-service kiosks are used to help reduce the chances of human error while ordering. Guests can now input their order and customize it, taking as long as they like. 

These kiosks help reduce paper waste by cutting down on paper receipts and paper menus. Self-service kiosks  software also allow restaurants to make menu changes on the fly without wasting paper menus and printing new ones. 

Even though this technology will cost a lot upfront, the restaurant’s long-term cost savings and the environment make money well spent. 

  • Kitchen Display Screens

Another sustainable form of technology that can be used in restaurants to help the environment has kitchen displays in your restaurant. Just as digital menu boards and self-service kiosks help reduce paper waste, kitchen displays can also help eliminate the need for paper. 

By creating an efficient and seamless order fulfillment process from the order kiosks to kitchen display screens, restaurants can communicate effectively without using any paper, reducing paper waste. 

  • Staff Scheduling Software

Another way that restaurants can help save trees is by moving to a cloud-based, cell-phone friendly employee scheduling software eliminating the need to file staff attendance records on paper. 

Restaurants should opt for a software that all your staff can log into to check their schedule and change or request shift change, a software where restaurants can see employee availability and track their hours. This software allows restaurants to manage their hours and pay them accordingly. 

  • Inventory tracking solution 

The restaurant industry wastes food more than any other industry, mainly due to poor inventory management. As a restaurant, the one technology you should invest in is an inventory tracking system. A system that takes information from your point of sale system before making any purchasing decisions. It can cut down on items that aren’t selling and amount to spoilage, saving your restaurant from unnecessary food wastage.

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