3 Mistakes To Avoid by Food Business Employees

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Poor Greetings

Considering your employees are the ones that engage with your customers the most, they must make a positive impression.

Often a special crew is employed to greet guests at large restaurants. They offer assistance with the tables to walk-in visitors. 

You will need to appoint someone to welcome and seat your customers. You may also teach your employees how to meet and help visitors.

Lack of Eye Contact 

During the first introduction, hosts and hostesses frequently fail to pause long enough to make eye contact with each visitor.

For many customers, catching a guest’s attention as they enter a restaurant is the first human point of contact with a brand. 

Simple and personal gestures like a host or hostess pausing to recognize a new visitor may make all the difference. This signal informs the visitors that they have arrived and are awaiting attention from the host.

Many servers try to save time by cutting corners that don’t save time, such as skipping the few seconds it takes to make eye contact.

This approach is a mistake since it degrades the dining experience. A host or hostess should be able to form a personal relationship with each customer and make them feel valued and appreciated.

Looking up might mean the difference between diners staying and waiting for their party to be called or leaving to find a nicer eatery.

Not Making Appropriate Recommendations 

A restaurant’s professionalism suffers when staff fails to propose a favored or popular food.

Waiters and waitresses need to know how to make suggestions while selling. 

Seventy percent of individuals who walk into a restaurant have no idea what they’re going to order, and many are receptive to service recommendations. 

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