6 Videos to Watch for Budding Restaurant Owners

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6 Videos to watch for budding restaurant owners

Startup business owners often fall short of getting inspiration, since everything is new and there’s a rapid burnout phase. Many times, due to a sheer lack of motivation, people throw in the towel early. Speaking of startups and inspiration stuff to help you with your business, you must look for different sources as part of the restaurant owners club.

Especially, if you are time-crunched, always on the move, and don’t have an expert to consult with, it isn’t such a bad idea to watch other restaurant owners’ videos for a bit of insider knowledge.

The only problem is that there’s so much content on YouTube, alone, and on many other online video platforms, budding restaurant owners cannot differ between those videos in terms of quality.

Our Best Advice To Restaurant Owners on The Selection of Video Content:

6 Videos to watch for budding restaurant owners

For restaurant owners who are just about getting their toes dipped into the online inspiration video realm, there’s a bit of advice from our side.

Under all conditions, stay away from ‘X Steps to Become a Multimillion Restaurant Owner In No Time!’ sort of videos. Literally, anything that sells the idea that you could become part of the successful restaurant owners league in, let’s say, X number of steps or XX number of days, it’s useless.

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Fun Facts About Video Content and User Attention, In General

  1. Since the year 2013, video content creation and user interest rates have gone up by almost 73%. After 2021, this percentage is expected to go above 82%. – Source: Cisco Networks
  2. YouTube reportedly caters to millions of viewers, who account for 1 billion hours of “watched” content daily. – Source: YouTube Press
  3. According to Osama Khabab, CEO of MotionCue Pakistan, 76% of the marketers have evidence to support increased ROI in marketing content with videos in it.

That’s not all. Nielsen Co. reports that during the first quarter of 2018, people between the ages of 18 – 34 years, spend almost 43% of their time binge-watching online video content. This percentage increased during the extended COVID-19 lockdown situation all over the world.

Moving on, the ideology behind such videos is to upsell on different things that have nothing to do with benefitting restaurant owners. At best, the creators of these videos are angling for the following benefits:

  • The video content creator wants to sell some kind of “limited time” eBook deal to restaurant owners.
  • Simple video monetization tactics with nothing of value to deliver
  • All fluff and no actual direction on nudging restaurant owners in the right direction

So on and so forth – the list could go on.

That being said, not all videos banking on tips and short one-liners are bad. Some of them are actually good. But, since it’s the age of millennials who are always hard-pressed for becoming millionaires in no time, it’s better to stick to in-depth video content as a restaurant owner.

Secondly, self-made restaurant owners earn their value and success through years of hard work. By saying that, “Oh here’s the secret to becoming a successful food business owner in 5 easy steps” is literally the definition of scamming people into believing that they don’t have to go through all the struggle, passion, and sacrifice without paying their dues first.

Why Restaurant Owners Should Watch Videos to Get Inspiration From?

If we think about how videos engage us in different aspects of navigating our business as budding restaurant owners, there is plenty of stuff to learn there. Videos are a critical component of teaching restaurant owners those things that are hard to comprehend if they’re stated in a book, or available in some kind of online blog format.

Oftentimes, it’s easier to relate to videos and understand the context because text-based guidelines can become boring and uninteresting rather quickly. Restaurant owners are of the view that online, especially the ones that stick with the training material, and do’s & don’ts type of strategy, are no longer a homogenous experience.

Intent-based viewing and videography on the creators’ part lead to different experiences on a spectrum. So, if you are looking for bite-sized chunks of information in videos for budding restaurant owners, that’s where the answer to the big “why” lies.

Without further ado, let’s see examples of some of the best videos, and video categories for restaurant owners out there.

6 Videos to Watch for Up & Coming Restaurant Owners In 2021:

Promotional Videos:

Fun Facts about videos for Restaurant Owners

Also called: ‘Promo Videos’, this type of content is great with respect to gaining actionable insight on what’s going on in the market right now.

Restaurant owners can keep an eye out for the latest updates being highlighted by different competitors. For instance, you have signed up with a food services aggregator, and they don’t have a fleet management system yet, you probably won’t notice it if someone didn’t highlight it to you.

Alternatively, you could end up watching a promo video from another food services merchant for restaurant owners, where they stress upon offering tools to help you with food deliveries, dedicated fleet management portal, customer support channels, and many other things, it will help you to make the switch easily.

Speaking of food aggregators and their tracking systems, Blink Co. braces online restaurant business owners against a multitude of different solutions. From data-driven customer analytic reports to showcase your buyers’ online food ordering trends to savvy food menus for mobile traffic, there’s plenty of services that restaurant owners can get inspiration from.

Plus, Blink’s charges an all-time low percentage (2% – 2.5%) to accommodate all sorts of operators where online food business owners do not have to shill over their hard-earned money. Instead, these food business operators sign up for a subscription plan that works on a month-to-month basis, without posing any hindrance to the said restaurant’s scalability prospects.

Check out more details at our Blink for Restaurant Page.

Explainer Videos for Upcoming Food Business Owners:

Explainer Videos for Upcoming Food Business Owners

Explainer videos are great for understanding the basic functionality of online restaurant operations.

For instance, many people who sign up for a partner’s account with a food services aggregator, don’t have any idea about building a restaurant menu through the back end portal, managing and fulfilling online food menu orders for delivery, monitoring rider tracking system, etc.

This type of content is also great for understanding complex operational systems that sometimes take a little longer to digest if it were in text format.

Recipe Videos:

One of our favorite recommendations for online restaurant owners, and solopreneurs are recipe videos. They’re short, sweet, and to the point.

Especially, if you are struggling to run most of your business operations solo, you may not have the funds to hire a handful of chefs. Given that you are already doing most of the cooking or juggling between a short menu, recipe videos can get you actionable insights on how to create new dishes in simple steps format.

Recipe videos are already abundant on YouTube and other online channels. They are essential to learning the ropes as a cook who is also responsible for running food menu creation on a wider scale.

Entrepreneurial Video Content for Restaurant Owners:

Entrepreneurial Video Content for Restaurant Owners:

Budding restaurant owners should definitely subscribe to online videos that are centered around entrepreneurs’ journeys, in general.

Gary V is a nice example of someone who’s always been on a roll as a successful entrepreneur. For restaurant owners, we recommend reading his mega-seller: ‘Crushing It’ and ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.’ It will set you off in the right direction since Gary’s known for his No BS content that every up-and-coming business owner can relate to.

From a general point of view, adversity is one of your greatest fears when you are getting started on creating a restaurant business empire. It takes a lot of pain, sacrifice, and sleepless nights to go through different hoops towards achieving success. The stuff isn’t easy to overcome. But with people like Gary V and many others in the online realm, it’s easier to gain inspiration and keep on moving unscathed.

Exclusive Chef & Restaurant Owners Interviews:

Exclusive Chef Ideas

This type of video content is great for securing some extra pointers from established food business industry conglomerates.

You can gain a sense of appreciation for leading your restaurant through different obstacles, and how to minimize the effort that it goes to preparing signature meals. A lot of video content in this category focuses on mistakes to avoid as a brand-new restaurant owner, secrets to fast servicing, and an overall delightful customer experience.

BTS Footage:

Exclusive behind the scene restaurant videos

Behind the Scenes videos are exceptional when it comes to showing around new restaurant owners curious about how popular food brands work. Such videos give a guided tour of the prepping process, insight on how to train in-house employees to better serve customers and vice versa.

This type of video content is intimate for anyone who is fascinated by what goes on in the kitchen. Whether you are a restaurant owner, or someone setting up his own gig in a different industry niche, BT S footage is a gold mine to hold on to.

At the End of the Day:

The above recommendations were only a handful of categories that we thought are best suited to your entrepreneurial journey in the food industry. There are plenty of other videos to binge-watch.

If you are looking to get started on how to create video content for your audience as a restaurant owner, feel free to connect with us through our ‘Blink for Restaurants Page’, immediately. We’ll hook you up with some ideas and a plan of action to get started with.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

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