12 Analytics Services for Restaurants

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analytics services for restaurants

The restaurant business is a highly growing and competitive market. SEO and content marketing might not even show up on their radar for some restaurants. But without these, how will people find out about the amazing experience you offer or services you cater for private or open events. When we use SEO, we talk about understanding its performance using analytics.

As we see the customer expectations, demands, and preferences change, the restaurant services and offerings also evolve to improve service standards and capture the market share. If you own a restaurant, you might want it to improve its ranking on Google, get more traffic and leads. After all, who doesn’t like more business?

Today, Big Data has changed how a restaurant works. From personalized marketing to smart menus, to a demographic-driven dive, to analysis and towards implementation of various strategies for the restaurant industry.

12 Analytics Services for Restaurants

Data has power. Today, businesses that use analytics boost their profits by 8% to 10%. Yet, only 12% of companies globally use data for their leverage.

Among other benefits, an increase in profit margins is one of the many advantages of restaurant analytics. Let’s find out what analytics service does Blink offers for restaurants?

  • SEO Analytics & Audit

Around 94% of all diners choose a restaurant online before visiting. More than 85% of people read online reviews before visiting a certain restaurant.

One of the most important services that Blink provides to restaurant owners is our SEO Analytics and audit service. Our good SEO campaign starts with analysis and audit. This is our multi-step process where we build your website’s online presence and compare its ranking with leading restaurant competitors.

So how does Blink increase your restaurants’ Local SEO?

Our focus is on the main and important keywords that get the traction of the local audience and your potential customers. We then help you with online searches to get maximum visibility from locals.

We have a client portfolio of new, multi-national chains and local restaurants. You are gaining maximum online presence through our SEO analysis.

  • Business Intelligence

Today, restaurant owners depend highly on different software to perform and manage efficiency and maximize revenue, and this is where business intelligence BI comes in.

Business intelligence helps restaurants gain visibility and transform functions using insights to drive sales. It helps restaurants by sharing a consolidated view of business performance and its indicators, allowing them to improve their function.

Blink offers BI services to restaurants to get data information for better insights on business and streamline sales. We have helped restaurants in Pakistan, UAE, and restaurant owners depend highly and Saudi Arabia with our analytics services for better brand sentiment analysis leading to improved brand persona among restaurant’s customers. Business Intelligence services in the restaurant industry help to:

  • Aggregate data on multiple locations
  • Improves business forecasting
  • Monitor quality, operations, standards, maintenance, and compliance
  • Identify ongoing global trends over time that can create an impact on your brand
  • Create an actionable report that red-flags problems

The transformation in the restaurant industry has begun leading to accelerated growth over the last five years. Now industry leaders use analytics for problem-solving, improved decision making, and consistent customer service.

Google Analytics and Progress Tracking

Blink’s POS System is designed for your restaurant, whether you are a restaurant owner or a manager.

Are you busy tracking where your customers come from? Do you want to know how your customers find you and where they order most? Do you want answers to these? With our google analytics and progress tracking feature, you can find out answers to the following:

  • Location with most orders
  • Promotional activities that are working out for you
  • Where your customers are located
  • The lead time of every order
  • Number of orders received in each restaurant

Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of a strong marketing campaign and initiative. We help find keywords related to your niche and the most searched among your target audience. Our keyword research helps in search ranking and building a brand’s online presence.

We analyze this and set up keyword research for your restaurant.

Want to explore this for your restaurant. Try Blink.

  • On-Page Optimization

The success of every business lies in its strong marketing. On-page SEO optimization ensures that your website performs well on search ranking. We use strong keyword research, title page, content, meta description, and URL that allow its success.

Explore our secured, successful POS systems. We give restaurants their own branded online restaurant ordering app, website, a detailed merchant portal, and a fleet management solution. Order through us for convenient access on orders, payments, delivery, and keep your data with you.

  • Link Building

Links differentiate between the good-performing website and among those who do not. With unique content and campaigns, you can generate links from an authoritative website in the industry. We promote links with authority, maintain your restaurant reputation, and use ethical ways to make your restaurant a success.

  • Content Marketing Services

Well-crafted content is the foundation of any business’s solid online presence. But we know, not everyone can write well, and not everyone has the time for it? But we do. Our experienced writers and based on thorough keyword topic research.

Our blog content helps research and answers what people and customers are looking for. This supports your sales and web ranking. 

Customer Preferences Segmentation

​​Customers are the key driver for any business. Like any other business, analytics help understands more about customers, their choices, preferences, and what they order most. This helps develop a better understanding of customer segmentation, age group, and gender to help you with your marketing initiatives and campaigns.

  • Reporting & Analytics

Reporting can get hard to understand for restaurant owners. Using cutting-edge analytics provides restaurants with accurate and up-to-date metrics, which are easy to understand if a restaurant’s website is doing well in the search results.

Something that sets Blink apart is that we do not automate the process of reporting on your campaigns. All of our reports are easy-to-read, transparent, understandable, detailed-oriented, and free from all jargon so you can understand and make better business decisions. 

  • Identify Pricing Strategy

Analytics help with better decisions and is the most important factor in knowing how your profit margin works. Using analytics services, restaurants can leverage sales data which can help you break down your menu by category, popularity, and pricing. Thus empowering customers, restaurant owners, and managers to make and choose using real-time pricing strategy.

  •  Menu Engineering Analytics

Menu engineering analytics can identify the relationship between profitable and popular items in the menu. Using menu engineering analytics of highest-selling and most profitable items, restaurant owners can decide which items to promote and offer discounts.

Studies also show that businesses that use analytics increased their productivity by 17% and improved their products or services by 12%.

Blink offers branded, unified, affordable, plug-and-play, and ready-to-scale restaurant ordering systems. Get Blink for your restaurant today.

Restaurant Review – Sentiment Analysis

Reviews are a part of successful social media strategy and engagement analysis. They do have a broader impact on your business traffic and search results.

You can get star ratings and positive reviews that help you appear in your search results with structured data. It also provides restaurants with strong reasons and supports to click your web page instead of your competitors.

For example, if your restaurant has had reviews and yet doesn’t have better visitors on your website, you can implement code that pulls ratings in SERPs.

If your online ratings do not reflect the quality of your restaurant, you can come up with a review strategy for your business. This can help you get as many reviews as possible to help bring up your score before implementing the code that will pull the ratings into the SERPs as it helps determine how your site appears on google’s first page.

Today, with this cloud-based POS technology, businesses can track every transaction and get details about customers and their feedback without any hassle. These analytics services give your restaurant a quality result as your team does. Switch to Blink for our analytics services for restaurants. Scale up your business today. Learn how you can measure to boost traffic for your restaurant, increase your revenue, and improve customer satisfaction using restaurant data analytics in POS.

How does Blink help with Analytics Services for Restaurants?

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Blink is driving digital transformation for restaurants in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai by leveraging its expertise in the food sector and its experience in data analytics. We enable restaurants to make effective decisions using our platform. Our quick commerce enablement platform allows restaurant businesses to take orders within minutes.

What is Restaurant Analytics?

Restaurant analytics blends raw data combined with easy-to-use insights that help restaurant owners with better business decisions. New and independent restaurant chains are tech-savvy and focused on data-driven analytics. Today, every piece of information regarding restaurants’ operations, customer services, marketing presents data-oriented facts that give a real-time analysis and a forward-oriented plan to gain long-term market success.

Over the last few years, we have seen restaurant analytics showing a deeper understanding of numbers. They are now more useful in business decisions than ever for restaurant owners. With restaurant analytics, owners can save more time and get a clear picture of a business, saving cost and energy.

What are some Analytics Services for Restaurants?

The restaurant industry is by far one of the most competitive business sectors. Today, there is no alternative and a quickfire solution to how most businesses fail, and only some thrive and make it to being the best in their category. The answer to this is simple. The restaurants that succeed are the ones that use their data to get a data-driven solution. They focus on the development and maintenance of data vault solutions, data reporting and analysis that helps them do better amongst their competitors.

So how can restaurants do it? This is where Blink comes in. We manage restaurants’ information with our advanced data analytics tools and features for restaurants to help you gain a competitive edge, increase profits, boost business profit margins, and grow your customers’ trust and confidence. We also help you gain an understanding of your restaurants’ daily functions. We collect, organize and present information about your business so you can evolve and improve while making profits continually.

Are you on the lookout for an online restaurant ordering system with centralized order fulfillment and fleet management processes so that you are in full control of your business? Find out how Blink’s online quick commerce platform can help you scale your business and restaurant owners depend highly and transform how you interact with your customers. Our platform does not require a huge initial investment and can make fast and smart decisions. Want to gain further insights into Blink solutions for restaurants. Talk to our experts today!

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

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