Release Notes

Blink POS 1.1.1| November 2023

New Features 

Expense Module

This feature is designed to elevate the Expense Management process by ensuring transparency, accountability, and seamless integration.

Streamlined Reporting
The Expense module comes with a comprehensive reporting feature. Generate detailed insights into expenses, and make informed decisions about cost management and resource allocation. 

Enhanced Accountability
With proof of expense and detailed reporting, the Expense Module enhances accountability. Track who incurred the expenses, when it occurred, and the purpose behind it, fostering a culture of responsible financial management.

How it works:
Expenses> Add Expense> Save


Profit & Loss Report

The Profit & Loss Report offers a holistic vire of financial performance, summarizing revenues, costs, and expenses overall for a specified period. The comprehensive insight is crucial for understanding the overall health of the business.

Real-Time Integration
The report is designed to integrate real-time data, ensuring that users have access to the most up-to-date financial information. This real-time integration enhances the accuracy and relevance of the report.

Comparative Analysis
The PNL report supports comparative analysis, enabling users to compare current financial performance with previous periods. This feature facilitates trend identification and strategic planning based on historical data.

Decision-Making Support
Whether planning for growth, optimizing costs, or evaluating the impact of specific initiatives, this report provides the data needed for informed decision-making.

How it works:
Analytics & Report > Profit & Loss Report> Download

BIN Numbers Report is now available!

The BIN numbers Report offers a comprehensive analysis of transactions based on associated Bank Identification Numbers. This allows for a deeper understanding of the origins and patterns of financial transactions.

Enhanced Security Monitoring
By tracking and analyzing BIN numbers, this report aids in monitoring and identifying potentially fraudulent activities. It contributes to enhanced security measures by providing visibility into the source of transactions.

Streamlined Financial Reporting
The addition of the BIN numbers report contributes to a more streamlined financial reporting process. Users can access specific details related to BIN numbers, contributing to accurate and transparent financial records.

How it works:
Analytics & Report > BIN Report> Download

New Updates


Page Sizes on Item Management

The introduction of adjustable page sizes contributes to an enhanced viewing experience. Merchants can choose the number of items or entries displayed per page, optimizing the layout for better readability
 Improved Navigation
Merchants can navigate through data more efficiently with the ability to set their preferred page size.

How it works:
Menu Management > Items> Show> Select no. of pages

Shift Report Compatibility with Thermal Printer

The Shift Report feature streamlines the printing process for Shift Reports, ensuring that users can easily obtain hard copies for their records or share them as needed.

Improved Operational Efficiency
The integration of Thermal Printer compatibility contributes to improved operational efficiency. Merchants can quickly generate and print Shift reports without the need for additional configurations.


New Integrations


PRA Integration

This integration streamlines tax-related processes, providing a more efficient and accurate way to handle tax calculations and submissions. This integration ensures that our system fully complies with the tax regulations the Punjab Revenue Authority set forth. Clients operating in Punjab can now seamlessly adhere to regional tax requirements.