Release Notes

Blink POS 1.0.8| August 2023

New Features 

Blink POS App is now ready to use!

Sleek and Responsive Design
Our Flutter app boasts a sleek and modern design that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, providing you with an optimal viewing experience.

Intuitive Navigation
Enjoy smooth and intuitive navigation throughout the app, making it effortless to explore and access the various features and functionalities.

Fast and Reliable Performance
The Flutter framework ensures high-performance app execution, delivering quick load times and smooth interactions for an efficient user experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Blink POS App is designed to work flawlessly across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, providing consistent functionality and design across devices.

How it works:
Download on PlayStore here,
For IOS: Request Support Team


New Updates 


Bulk Status Update  (Order Management)

Streamline your restaurant’s operations by efficiently updating the status of multiple orders simultaneously.

Efficient Mass Updates
The Bulk Status Update feature enables users to select multiple orders and update their status all at once. This eliminates the need for individual status updates, saving time and effort in managing order statuses.


How it works:
Order Management > Select Orders > Bulk Status Update > Dispatch/ Dispatch + Deliver


Bulk Item Update (Price,  Description)

Users can now efficiently update the prices and descriptions of multiple items in one go, simplifying the product management process

Effortless Batch Updates
The Bulk Item (Price, Description) Update tool empowers users to select multiple items and simultaneously modify their prices and descriptions. This eliminates the need for individual updates, saving valuable time and streamlining product maintenance.

How it works:
Menu Management > Items > Bulk Item Update > Update


Deal Items displayed in Cart

Merchants can now view details of the deal items displayed during the checkout process, in Cart & Receipt 

Enhanced Shopping Experience
The inclusion of Deal Items in the Cart, Receipt, and Order Detail pages provides a seamless and cohesive shopping experience, giving users all the information they need.

How it works:
Create New Order > Select Branch >  > Select Items > Add to Cart > View Cart

Customer Invoice Print  (Dine-In Open Order)

Effortlessly generate and print detailed customer invoices for dine-in orders paid by card or crest, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience.

Streamlined Payment Process
The ability to generate and print invoices directly from the Dine-In Open Order module streamlines the payment process. Cashiers can efficiently finalize orders, present invoices to customers, and process card or credit payments with ease.

How it works:
Create New Order > Select Branch >  > Select Items > Add to Cart > Select Dine-In Option > Open Order > Print



All Shifts Report  (Admin Access)

Admin users now have the ability to access shift reports of all users from all departments and teams within a single interface.

Real-time Monitoring
Stay up-to-date with real-time shift activities. Administrators can access current and historical shift reports, enabling timely interventions and decision-making.


Item Ingredient Action button (Edit and Delete)

This feature allows users to efficiently modify or remove ingredients associated with items, providing greater control and flexibility in your inventory management.

Efficient Inventory Management
The “Edit” and “Delete” action buttons streamline ingredient adjustments, saving time and effort in maintaining accurate item ingredient lists.

Reduced Errors
The confirmation prompt for ingredient deletion prevents accidental removals, enhancing the accuracy of your inventory data.

How it works:
Inventory Management > Ingredients >  Select Item > Action > Edit/Delete

New Integrations

POS x Deliverect
We are thrilled to announce that Blink POS is now seamlessly integrated with Deliverect, unlocking a new level of efficiency and convenience for your restaurant’s order management and delivery processes in Saudi Arabia & Middle East.