Release Notes

Blink POS 1.0.4 | March 2023

New Features


Configure Multiple Printers with QZ tray

Restaurant operators can now make use of more than one printer at the same time, this is useful for printing Kitchen Order Tickets and Customer-facing Receipts simultaneously.

The QZ tray app automatically fetches the printer data from the database, allowing users to generate multiple receipts for the kitchen and the counter simultaneously. This enhances efficiency and organization, allowing both the kitchen staff and the cashier to quickly and easily keep track of incoming orders and prepare them promptly.


How it works:
1)Connect printers to your counter system
2) Download0 QZ tray (URL Anchor text) and activate
3) Go to Branch Settings
4) Enable the toggle “Print in Multiple Printers”
5) Configure printers for Customer invoices and KOT separately


Channel Restrictions

Optimize the cashier process by decluttering the sidebar and making it easier to navigate different channels like Foodpanda, Savyour, Golootlo, Blink, and more. Merchants can configure settings according to each channel to restrict the order type, payment methods like Credit or Cash, and credit labels. This will call for fewer mistakes, as each channel will have the necessary settings already configured while using. 



Dine-In Toggle


Restaurant operators can now set the Dine-In feature, according to their requirements, e.g., if a restaurant is not traditionally a dining restaurant and does not require a waiter and table number while punching order, they will disable the Dine-In toggle, but if they cater to both dine-in and take-away customers, they will enable the Dine-In toggle. 


By enabling the Dine-In toggle, the Dine-In feature will appear in the sidebar, where users can create table numbers and set the waiter they want to serve. This is a useful feature for the cashier, as it removes and adds necessary sections to the POS system.

How it works:
Settings > Master Settings > Dine-In toggle


Direct Purchase Order

Merchants can now create a new inventory purchase order type, i.e., Direct Purchase, to keep track of inventory of staple items that are stocked manually. This makes it easy for restaurants to keep track of when to place direct orders for items that are sourced through local suppliers. 

How it works:
Inventory Management > Inventory Order > Create New Order > Order Type > Direct Purchase


Menu Images Toggle: 

A new toggle is introduced that allows order takers to choose whether they want the menu screen to show only item titles and no images, or show titles with images. Depending on how vast the menu is, users can choose the most optimized option for them to use while creating orders. 

How it works: 

Settings > Master Settings > Show Images on Menu Screen toggle