Release Notes

Blink 1.1.9| October 2023

New Features


Order Email Notifications for Customers

Enable automatic email notifications to customers when they place new orders.

Customer Engagement

Automatically sending order email notifications to customers enhances their engagement with your restaurant. It provides them with real-time updates on their orders, creating a more informed and satisfying ordering experience.  

Order Confirmation

Customers receive immediate confirmation of their order via email which includes important details such as order number, items ordered, total amount estimated delivery or pickup time. 

Data Collection

Email notifications enable restaurants and supermarkets to collect customer email addresses for marketing and communication purposes, contributing to a stronger customer database.

Branding Opportunity

Customize email notifications, cover images, and body colors to align with your restaurant’s visual identity. Include your logo, branding elements, and personalized messages to reinforce brand recognition.

🔹Portal View

How it works: Settings>Master Settings> Order Email Notifications


Item-Wise Bulk Discounts

With the new “Item-Wise Bulk Discounts” feature, merchants can apply bulk discounts directly to individual items, allowing for a more granular and tailored approach to their pricing strategy.

Precise Discounting

The “Item-Wise Bulk Discounts” feature enables you to apply discounts to specific items rather than entire categories. This level of precision ensures that merchants can target promotions for individual products that require special pricing.

Customized Pricing

Tailor your pricing strategy to the unique needs of each item in your inventory. You can now offer discounts on high-demand items, promote slow-moving products, or create special offers for specific menu items.

Improved Inventory Management

The ability to apply bulk discounts at the item level helps optimize inventory turnover. Merchants can strategically reduce prices for items with shorter shelf lives or overstocked products to minimize waste.

Flexible Promotion and Enhanced Marketing

Create diverse and targeted promotions by combining item-wise bulk discounts with other marketing efforts, such as limited-time offers, combo deals, or loyalty programs.

🔹Portal View

How it works: Discounts > Bulk Section Discounts> Create Discount> Save


Day Wise Pop-Up Banner

Merchants can now display time-sensitive promotions, announcements, and special offers for effective targeted marketing and communication.

Improved Visibility

Pop-up banners are prominently displayed, making it easier for your restaurant to engage with the customers and redirect them to the latest promotions or announcements. 

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your pop-up banners. Track views, click-through rates, and customer engagement to refine your marketing strategies.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Email notifications enable restaurants and supermarkets to collect customer email addresses for marketing and communication purposes, contributing to a stronger customer database.

Note: This feature is available on the Web and Flutter App only. 

🔹Portal View

How it works:Portal>In-App/Web Banners> Add Banner>Add

Date of Birth and Gender Data Capture at Sign up (Web only)

With the addition of Date of Birth and Gender data capture at sign-up, merchants can now gather more insights about their users, tailor their experiences, and improve their services.

User Profiling

Capture this data to provide valuable demographic information that can be used for targeted marketing and personalization. Leverage these insights to refine marketing strategies.

Improved Communication

With “Date of Birth” data, restaurants can send automated birthday greetings and special offers to users, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

Enhanced Analytics

Access detailed analytics and reports that provide insights into user demographics. Use this data to make informed product development, marketing, and customer engagement decisions.

🌐Website View

New Updates 


Branch Wise Menu Inclusive Tax

Merchants can now break down taxes on a per-branch basis, ensuring accurate pricing and compliance with regional tax regulations.

Clear Tax Breakdown

Easily understand and manage taxes for menu items with inclusive tax. Break down taxes on invoices so merchants can see exactly how much tax is included in the total amount. 

Localized Tax Compliance

Stay compliant with specific tax regulations in different regions where your branches are located. Configure tax rules independently for each branch to adhere to local tax laws effortlessly.

Accurate Pricing

Configure tax settings uniquely for each branch to calculate taxes accurately based on local regulations. This guarantees that menu items are priced correctly, considering regional tax differences.

🔹Portal View

Branch Settings> Edit Action> Branch Settings> Enable FBR> Save


City-Wise Item Toggle

Manage item availability and settings by selecting specific cities, streamlining your operations, and enhancing menu management.

Efficient Customization

Easily customize item availability, pricing, descriptions, and other settings for branches within the same city. Ensure that items align with the unique characteristics of each location.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline your menu management by making changes for an entire city’s branches in one go. This reduces the effort required to update item information individually for each branch.

Consistency and Accuracy

Ensure that your menu is consistent and accurate across branches within the same city. Changes made at the city level are automatically applied to all relevant branches, reducing the risk of discrepancies.

🔹Portal view


Branch Wise Dashboard in Merchant Control

With the addition of the Branch Wise Dashboard, merchants can access branch-specific data, assign specialized modules, and access data related to sales and order volumes.

Efficient Monitoring

Monitor the performance of each branch independently. Track Key performance indicators, such as revenue, and order fulfillment times to make informed decisions.

Branch Level Access

Restaurants with Branch Management roles can access the Branch Wise Dashboard and control settings, operations, and reporting of their designated branches. 

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Order Complaint Module in Merchant Console

This module enables merchants to log complaints from customers in real time, providing a direct channel for addressing their concerns during an ongoing order.

Efficient Monitoring

Capture essential details about each complaint, including the nature of the issue, customer feedback, order specifics, and timestamps. The information collected helps restaurants understand and prioritize complaints effectively.

Efficient Resolution

Streamline the complaint resolution process by assigning complaints to relevant staff members or teams. Ensure that each complaint is handled with the expertise to address the issue.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By promptly addressing complaints during an ongoing order, merchants can turn potentially negative experiences into positive ones, fostering goodwill and customer loyalty.

🔹Portal view

How it works: Orders>Order Complaints

New Integrations 


ITS SMS Integrations and SPAR SMS Campaigns 

Blink now integrates seamlessly with SPAR, a leading SMS marketing service provider. Robus SPAR’s robust capabilities for executing bulk SMS campaigns effortlessly. Send SMS messages to specific customer groups based on demographics, behavior, and preferences. Also, merchants can create, schedule, and track their campaigns with ease.

CC Avenue Payment Integration x Blink