Release Notes

Blink 1.1.4 | April 2023

New Features


Delivery Charge Levels

Merchants can now set different delivery charges based on the total order amount. 

For example, for every order worth Rs. 500, Delivery charges can be Rs.100. 

This allows your restaurant or supermarket to tailor the delivery charges to different customer segments or types of orders, optimizing your revenue and profitability. For example, you can offer free or discounted delivery for larger orders, incentivizing customers to place higher-value orders and increasing your sales.


New Updates


Website Optimization- Improvement in Google Page Speed Score 

Blink has optimized websites for both desktop and mobile, to improve its performance and loading speed, resulting in a higher Google Page Speed score. This will enhance user experience, improve search engine rankings, and increase website performance, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and conversions.

Variation Prices at Checkout

Display different pricing options for different product SKUs based on variations or options chosen by the customer during the checkout process. This improves overall user experience for ordering, as customers can now view variation prices breakdown.


Operational times for pickup/delivery

With this new feature, merchants can set specific time slots for pickup and delivery operations separately. This will allow your restaurant/supermarket to effectively plan and allocate resources, ensuring a smooth and organized order management process. It also improves customer experience as they can choose from available time slots that align with their preferences, schedules, and convenience. 


Partial Refunds

With the ability to process partial refunds, restaurants & supermarkets can address customer concerns more effectively. For example if a customer has ordered 4 items and only 3 have been updated/delivered, the restaurant/supermarket can initiate a partial refund for that specific item or amount to the customer’s card or wallet. This helps resolve the issue promptly, retain customer satisfaction & maintain a positive reputation. 

Note: Applicable on payment gateway


Rider Portal- Excel Downloader for tasks

To simplify task management, merchants can now download tasks or delivery assignments in a structured Excel format. This will help to sort, filter, and, enabling you to effectively plan, assign, and track deliveries services and route for your riders.