Release Notes

Blink 1.1.3 | March 2023

New Features


Pre-Order for Pickup

Allow your customers to schedule their order in advance and pick it up at a designated time from your restaurant.

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This will help your restaurant better manage the order flow, reduce wait times, and minimize the risk of errors during peak hours. Ultimately, it will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as improved overall efficiency.


Theme for Cloud Kitchen

Blink has introduced a new, fully customized theme for Cloud Kitchen merchants. This new theme makes it easier for customers to navigate through brand categories/subcategories, providing a more user-friendly experience. The updated theme is much more streamlined and efficient for Cloud Kitchens.

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Additional Address Fields

 Upon multiple requests, we are introducing another address-taking format for delivery convenience for both the Website and App. Through this feature, end users can now input their street, building, floor, and apartment information with ease, providing a more accurate ordering experience. 

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Note: Merchants who wish to use this feature can request the Blink Support team


New Updates


Category Wise Mobile App Banner

Under the reports section in the merchant portal, users can now generate reports for geo-fenced areas that are set in the portal according to the branch location. This will be useful for analyzing data related to the areas that a certain branch caters to and forming the strategy of different branches accordingly.

📱 App view

This feature allows restaurants and supermarkets to create banners for specific sections or categories in mobile apps. This is a great way to showcase promotions or announcements and can even be used to partner with brands for sponsored promotions.

Note: This feature is already available for websites.

How it works: 

Products Catalogue > Section Management > Edit Section> Section Banner/Category Banner


200 Character Limit in Order Instructions 

To streamline the ordering process, a new limit of 200 characters has been added for order instruction across all platforms. This will help reduce the number of unimportant instructions and ensure that only the crucial information is conveyed to operators.


Grow Your Orders: Conversion Tracking of Custom SMS Audience

Users who have uploaded external databases to run SMS campaigns can now track the order conversions for external use on Blink’s GYO Module. 

This enables data-driven decision-making, leading to improved performance and better insights into customer behavior.

Rider Performance Report: KMs Added

A new feature in the rider performance report is the distance travelled in kilometres by every rider. This provides businesses with valuable insights into rider efficiency and allows them to make better decisions regarding expenses and salaries based on the distance covered.

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New Integrations

Blink is now fully integrated with the following logistics and payment providers.


Apple Pay on Telr





Giedia Payment Gateway


Torod Logistics Integration



Jazzcash Gateway on Mobile