Is Text Message Marketing Effective in Food Business?

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As a food business owner, you may be awestruck by text messaging marketing and whether it’ll be a competent medium. And the answer is YES! Why? Read-on.

Undeniably, text message marketing, if not the most, is an effective tool for restaurant marketing campaigns when appropriately availed.

But suppose you’re new in the business and aren’t fully aware of the rules and regulations surrounding SMS marketing.

In that case, you could end on the losing end or even be bombarded with hefty penalties for data protection non-compliance. 

First, let’s get a rundown of SMS marketing and then understand the well-heightened benefits that drive sales and the best results for the business.

What is an SMS marketing campaign?

Everyone knows what an SMS is. However, an SMS marketing campaign, or a text message marketing campaign, is self-explanatory. 

Such a campaign is meant to send short promotional messages to your customers, getting them psyched up for deals, offers, and giveaways leading to increased user engagement and grassed-up sales.

SMS marketing for Food Businesses

SMS marketing campaigns are ridiculously potent for food businesses. The liberty of reaching out to the entire customer base instantly leads to a drastic sales increase. 

Consider SMS marketing similar to e-mail marketing. Albeit, e-mail marketing has always been the backbone of marketing campaigns.

But with any hindrance, the standard open rate for even the most well-known companies ranges between 15-25% due to spam e-mails and time inadequacy for individual customers.

On the other hand, text message marketing has a 90-98% sky-high open rate. And around 86% of people converge in the first 60 seconds of receiving a text.

This gives businesses an immediate impact with the right message.

Moreover, in modern society, almost everyone is in constant contact with a mobile device – thanks to FOMO. 

Did you know that an average person checks their phone 96 times daily? Think of it as 96 opportunities to land your business in your customer’s hands. 

So, with the positives weighing heavy on the scale, let’s quickly scoot through the benefits:

  1. Stated already but worth mentioning, Higher open rate than e-mails.
  2. Cost-effective. This is a way to move forward compared to paid social media campaigns.
  3. Mobile-friendly. As more and more people are glued to mobile devices, you don’t want to miss out on this exposure. Hence, SMS marketing campaigns can prove a vital asset for your business.
  4. Fast delivery. When it comes to text messaging marketing, there is no wait time. This benefit sure does out-shine e-mail marketing due to no prep time.
  5. Works seamlessly well with other marketing types. For instance, offering discounts over SMS for purchases made through your social media page or website.

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