Char-Grilled Central Talks About Their Newfound Growth With Blink

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Char-Grilled Central (CGC) is the brainchild of two burger enthusiasts who took the idea of how burgers were traditionally made in Islamabad and wanted to do things differently.

They set out with the brave and ambitious agenda to provide the best and tastiest burgers in all of Islamabad and Lahore. This is a tough hill to conquer, but if anyone is up for it, it is CGC. They make their burgers with fresh ingredients without using processed or frozen food. Their ingredients are sourced from local vendors every day, which is how they can ensure their burgers are fresh, juicy, and more than just a food item. They are an entire experience.

CGC joined hands with Blink in March of 2021, and the two have been inseparable since. This is how the experience went.

The Challenge:

GCC’s GM of 7 years, Mr. Qaiser Riaz, shared that they had trusted other services before to process their orders. While this helped them with an influx of orders in the short term, they felt limited by those applications.

Unlike Blink, other apps hoard customer data. Leaving restaurants with only an app to interface with, followed by a rider picking up the delivery. The restaurant received no information on who the customer was or where they were from.

“The only feedback we’d receive was when customers would contact us directly and let us know how their experience went, and it was a very small percentage of customers who actually took the time out to communicate like this. GCC’s only choice was to assume that the order had reached the customers, but there was no means of verifying that knowledge.” Said Mr. Qaiser.

Additionally, a bad experience with the customer meant that the customer was lost forever, and CGC had no control over it. It would be especially unfortunate if the food quality was affected by a delayed delivery, which was not in the restaurant’s control.

The Solution:

Joining Blink returned the power back to CGC, as it provided them with total customer data ownership Blink allows clients to own their customer data.

Now the restaurant can track customer information, such as name, number, and address, while also maintaining order history.
Additionally, CGC employs and uses its own riders, so the entire end-to-end process is visible to the business.
GCC’s riders will deliver to the customer within an allocated time of 40-45 minutes, and if there are any delays, CGC can directly contact the customer to inform them and take corrective measures. Similarly, if there are any issues with the orders, CGC can replace the order or compensate the customers in some other way.

“All problems are within our knowledge since Blink.” Said Mr. Qaiser Riaz, “Since we have shifted to Blink, neither our customers nor we have faced any issues.”

The Owner Commented:

“The advantage of Blink is that all customer data and order management is in your control. If the restaurant is overflowing with customers, then we know how long it will take to process orders, and we can communicate with our customers on how to manage their expectations.

I would recommend everyone (in the food industry) to shift over to Blink. It is a great service. In all our time using this app, we have not faced any issues or challenges with this technology.”

He also added, “Blink’s order processing software is so intuitive that whenever we hire a new person to manage the counter, they pick up the platform very quickly.”


CGC now has its own app available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, thanks to Blink’s assistance. They have gained greater control over their customer base, as well as greater control over their internal business processes and procedures.

Blink understands the value that can be derived from having ready access to user data for a business. Businesses suffer as a result of a lack of these resources. Cooperating with Blink has enhanced GCC’s operations, and the company now recommends Blink to anyone who is interested in starting a food-related business.

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