Never Park Your Food Truck in These 5 Places

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Many online articles highlight great spots to stop and shop for your food truck to maximise business. 

Here we’ll explore the exact opposite but equally important factors to note—places you should avoid when considering where to park.

Anywhere it is Illegal.

Before setting up, you need to fully understand your city’s commercial and non-commercial zones, which can limit where you can park your food truck. 

These zones include general no-parking zones and places that require you to lease a spot first. 

Be diligent about these, as breaking the law can result in hefty fines or even authorities towing your food truck away.

Anywhere That Could be a Safety Hazard

It’s mostly common sense with this one. Avoid parking at crosswalks, bus stops, in front of fire hydrants, manholes or intersections. 

Don’t choose a spot that could lead to blockages or traffic jams. Any of these places can put you and potential customers in harm’s way and are most likely illegal.

Private Property

Trespassing on private property is a definite no-go. And trespassing to conduct business is even worse. 

Never park on someone’s private property without the owner’s permission.

In Front of Another Restaurant

Many city governments specify a minimum distance that food trucks must be parked away from brick-and-mortar restaurants. These can be general regulations for all temporary and mobile food vendors or apply to those that sell similar menu items as the restaurant. 

It is always best to check with local authorities to ensure you aren’t in danger of breaking any laws.

Facing the Street

After carefully searching, you may have found the perfect place to park your vehicle. But there’s still one more factor to keep in mind. 

Ensure you don’t choose a spot for your food truck facing the street or oncoming traffic. Always have your service window open towards the pavement or side-walk to ensure the safety and convenience of your customers and avoid possible accidents.

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