Getting Started

  1. We’ll send you a contract for signing
  2. Once the contract is signed, we’ll send you a list of onboarding requisites to fulfill
  3. We’ll modify the app and/or website according to your chosen theme and color palette
  4. We’ll do a test run to ensure that your app and/or website runs smoothly
  5. You’re ready to go live!

You’re ready to go live only 7 business days after we receive your onboarding documents.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) entails a 1-year contract between your business and Blink Co. Technologies along with a 7-day processing duration from the SLA’s signing date for your website and/or app to go live.

Our Onboarding Specialist will provide you with the SLA during the onboarding process.

  1. Login to the Blink Merchant Portal
  2. Go to Settings > User Management
  3. In the top-right corner, click on the ‘Create New User’ button
  4. Fill in all the fields, and checkmark the modules to be visible to the user
  5. Click on the Create button

The brand guidelines of your business can be used to modify the color palette of your brand’s website and/or app.

Blink Co. offers Enterprise clients design as well as system-specific reporting and integrations customizations for additional charges.

Apart from offering a platform, Blink allocates its Technical, Marketing and Customer Support teams to help generate every order. Furthermore, a nominal transactional fee is charged since no registration, technical development or operational costs are incurred using Blink’s software.