Top PR Trends for Restaurant Industry in 2022

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Using The Right Influencers 

Content marketers and public relations professionals should effectively organize social media influencer relationships to reach their target audiences.

It’s critical for restaurants to reach out to influencers and media members who are active and well-known in the internet culinary community.

Micro-influencers may be a good option for local eateries looking to target potential consumers in their region better. They also have greater engagement with their audience, thus making a more significant impact on your brand.

Be Environmentally and Politically Conscious 

Consumers strongly desire to learn more about where their food comes from and how their purchases influence the environment. For example, customers are conscious of climate change and the labor of food cultivation.

Customers are also wary of how their purchases reflect on them.

Transparency, credibility, and authentic storytelling are essential. An excellent placement in a prominent magazine is no longer sufficient.

We must strategically create opportunities for these products to be covered by the media, maintain a solid social media presence for the right audiences, and create experiences that emotionally and physically communicate the brand’s value in our lives.

This must balance with maintaining food and beverage product distribution and availability.

A defined effort, opinion, and quantifiable outcome are required to achieve a breakthrough.

Programs that represent regenerative agriculture, for example, aid in the development of a more comprehensive brand narrative.

Location Still Matters 

Another PR trend that continues is that consumers are targeted based on where they live and shop.

When working with food businesses, it’s vital to support a public relations campaign that targets national, trade, and regional media.

This allows the brand to be presented to customers at the optimal time and to remain top of mind.

Perhaps more crucially, this PR campaign shows major retail partners and customers that the brand cares about the connection and is assisting in driving foot traffic.

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