Stand Out from the Competition with Three Trendy Restaurant Marketing Strategies

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marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is one of the core elements in the business plan. In a perfectly competitive environment such as in restaurants, your marketing strategy ultimately creates a difference and gives an edge in capturing market share. Following are three trendy ideas for restaurant marketing that will make you stand out from others.

Innovative Digital Media Strategy

Social media is overtaking traditional means of marketing. With smartphones in everyone’s pocket, now through social media, mobility and connectivity have touched new horizons. Restaurants can tap into your social media feed by posting interactive and engaging content with audio/visual aids. 

Google business account and ‘near me’ searches make your restaurant visible to everyone in that locality and abroad.

Online ratings and reviews feature your restaurant among top searches and help build a brand. It allows consumers to decide based on how active and consistent you are on social media. 

Social media is not only a source of customer feedback for the restaurant but also is used for customer retention. By using messaging apps and email marketing, customers are constantly in touch with the restaurant’s latest updates and offerings.

Loyalty Programs and Discount Coupons

Once you attract customers, it is essential to make them return to you. One of the most efficient methods to increase customer retention is a perfectly tailored loyalty program.

Nowadays, those programs use advanced technologies. Based on your customer’s preferences, they can create personalized offers that will be very appealing to the clients. Using personal data, they can present a special offer, for example, for your customer’s birthday. 

This way, loyalty programs help you build closer relationships with customers who can feel appreciated. Blink is one platform that shares customer data with restaurants and records their buying preferences.

Awarding people for their loyalty to a brand can make them your ambassadors who will spread the good word about your restaurants, convincing more people to visit you and increase your revenue.

Dynamic Menu and Seasonal Offerings

A restaurant needs to offer new and unique dining experiences to keep customers engaged. For this, a restaurant needs to update its menu, add new dishes and cater to changing trends among consumers.

Moreover, it is also essential for restaurants to consider seasonal and cultural factors when drafting a marketing strategy. On events like Eid or Christmas, special discount offers or meals are a way to market your restaurant. 

It will attract those customers who are price conscious, especially students and teenagers, and attract people who are more inclined towards cultural traditions.


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