3 Local SEO Tips for First-Time Restaurant Owners

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If you’re a business owner, a solid online presence is no longer an exception –post-pandemic.

Now people prefer to shop online over in-store purchases.

Secondly, customers must get to you quickly and comfortably across multiple online platforms.

Online ordering generates 130% more revenue than typical walk-ins.

Around 60% of diners look at a restaurant’s menu online, and 50% check the website.

A way to boost online presence is SEO.

Hence, many restaurant owners have started investing time in SEO (search engine optimisation), ensuring their existence gets noticed and drives in more customers.

Read on as we present local SEO tips to amplify your brand recognition.

Create content and include it on your website.

When starting, the first thing you should focus on; is researching keywords customers are looking for and adding them to your website’s content.

Concentrate on the cubbyhole content you can share that will stimulate your ranking in search engines. Share stories that make your restaurant shine bright and efficiently use longtail keywords in the content. 

Photos are pivotal in search engines. If they are visually appealing to people, they get shared on multiple social platforms contributing towards better search engine ranking.

Local link building and local directories

Getting redirecting links back to your site from other websites is a great way to promote your business. 

Bring local content writers and online reviewers with noticeable SEO experience on board; to address your restaurant in their content or reviews and push your restaurant to the first page on Google.

Ask for reviews

People rely heavily on reviews before visiting a place and whether it’s worth their time. Review reviews are one of the best tools in a restaurant marketing kit. 

Encourage people to leave feedback on your Google listing, social media platforms, and Yelp. 

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