7 Things To Do To Show Customer Appreciation

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customer appreciation

Showing your customers that you value their commitment to your business goes a long way in enhancing an overall positive image of your brand. 

The following are easy and cost-effective ways to show your consumers that you appreciate them. 

1. Get Your Employees on Board

Excellent customer service really makes a company stand out from the crowd. Always ensure your employees are welcoming, helpful, and courteous. 

Customers should also be thanked on their way out and asked for feedback. Ensuring that your staff is also well appreciated and taken care of by the company will, in turn, make them better at dealing with clients.

2. Launch a Loyalty Program

Directly reward customers for coming back instead of switching to one of your competitors. A loyalty program is a great way to do this. 

After a certain period or after the customer has collected enough points, offer an appealing reward, discount, or a free product the next time they visit.

3. Include Freebies with Every Purchase

Everyone likes free stuff, right? You can give away a small sample of an upcoming product or the travel size equivalent of an existing one for a limited time.

4. Shout Outs

Social media platforms make it especially easy to track down your most loyal consumers. Facebook, for example, awards Top Fan badges to users that show the most engagement on any page. Tag them and give them a shout-out in an appreciation post. 

Additionally, you can ask followers to submit photos of themselves using your products to be featured on your pages. 

5. Reply to Reviews

When someone has taken the time to write your business a great review, always respond to thank them.

6. Send Thank You Discounts in Your Email Newsletter

Offer exclusive deals and future use discounts to those who have signed up for your online newsletter. You can also include a sneak peek look at upcoming product launches.

7. Topup E-Wallet of Loyal Customers

Reward your loyal customers with a top-up and get them to order again.


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