4 Ways To Market Your Restaurant With Snapchat

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Snapchat is a great way to market your restaurant and increase your revenue. Here are a few ways that you can promote your restaurant on Snapchat. 


A great way to increase your customers and Snapchat followers is by giving them incentives through coupons and discount codes. 

Send them discount codes once you get a follower or added as a friend. Such incentives will bring in more followers, creating a sense of exclusivity amongst your followers. Being the only ones to receive your snaps, they’ll ask their friends to join the club, ensuring an increase in your followers and eventually customers. 


Market your food freely through Snapchat. Send snaps of your food to your customer; make sure they are beautifully shot. 

Customers will take one look at your food snaps and be tempted to come over for quick and easy food service. Your beautiful food pictures will entice your customers to come to your restaurant and enjoy the heavenly food they see on their social media. 

A good tip is to post-cold things in hot weather. If it’s the middle of July and you know people want relief from this heat, post a picture of freshly made ice cream from your restaurant. 


Do you know what’s better than sending snaps to your customers? It’s your customers sending your restaurant snaps to their friends. What’s better than marketing for your restaurant? It’s getting your customers to do free marketing for you by sending snaps to their followers and friends. 

Snapchat is more close-knit than Instagram or Facebook, and sending snaps is less intrusive than sending people DMS on other social media platforms. Offer free meals or complimentary desserts to your customers for sending snaps of your restaurant and food to their followers. 


The thing that makes Snapchat different is that its stories expire after 24 hours, and snaps sent to your friends can only be viewed for a few seconds. You can use the story feature to your advantage and offer limited-time specials only posted on Snapchat. 

You can make these specials only valid for 24 hours, as long as the story is live; this will encourage customers to avail these fantastic offers.

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