5 Types of Digital Platforms to Drive Business Value

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digital platforms

Digital Platforms can become catalysts for business growth. Technology has integrated with business to become more significant than just hardware or software in today’s day and age. With the widespread digital technology, business strategy has started to integrate with digital strategy. This means digital strategy and platforms are being used to form new business capabilities. Here are five digital media that can help drive business value. 

The website platform:

As more organizations focus on improving their online presence, web hosting becomes an even more critical resource. As a result, web hosting has become an essential one. With the Internet’s growing power, no serious business can survive without having an active website. That’s why organizations are making investments in developing one. Compared to all the other channels, such as Google Ads, social media, and traffic sources such as SEM, your company website is a much better digital asset that automatically increases the value of your web hosting servicesYou can hire wordpress development melbourne company for the best results. There are multiple types of hosting like Shared hosting, Linux or Windows VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and more.

Aggregation platforms: 

Aggregation platforms connect the platform’s users with the best resources, ensuring all the required data needed for any particular business is available in one location. Such digital media bring together an array of relevant resources. Aggregation platforms are mostly transaction-based and include broker and marketplace platforms. 

Social platforms:

Another type of digital platform that can drive business value is social platforms, which would include all the well-known social networking sites. These platforms are similar to aggregation platforms because they too tend to bring together stakeholders in a business. Social media is more about aligning businesses or individuals around shared interests rather than transactions. 

Mobilization platforms

Mobilization platforms make sure to act on the common interests detected by social platforms. These platforms help businesses take the next step by moving people to get together and accomplish their business goals. Such platforms pair up businesses with long-term goals, prioritizing long-term relationships over short term goals and transactions.  

Learning platforms 

Learning platforms bring together different businesses to share their insights about projects they have worked on. These digital platforms are multi sided networks that help companies to transfer knowledge. These platforms foster trust-based relationships with other companies, forming a symbiotic relationship to aid all the parties involved.

Together, these types of platforms can help flourish and change the way businesses operate and deliver value.

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