4 Restaurant Twitter Post Ideas To Reach More Customers

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Restaurant Twitter Post Ideas

Twitter is one of the topmost used social media platforms. With over 190 million active users, restaurants can make sure some of those users become customers through the correct use of Twitter. Listed below are four restaurant twitter post ideas to reach more customers. 

Feature Your Menu Items

One of the best Twitter post ideas to enhance your customer reach is posting items from your menu. People like to know about their food options before going to a restaurant. So guests interested in your restaurant would want to know what to expect on the menu.  

You can hire a professional photographer to take amazing photos of your food, making your food choices look attractive. Pictures give guests an idea of what they’ll experience in your restaurant. A few well-chosen lines to go with the photos will have people retweeting in no time. 

Re-post Customer Content

Re-posting customer content is a great way to engage with followers and new customers. People love taking pictures of their food and then posting them online. You can retweet your customer’s food pictures taken at your restaurant, making them feel special and forming a sense of connection with them. 

Guests usually add a hashtag or use a location drop, making it easy for you to find posts to retweet. Consistently doing shout-outs and staying engaged with followers is a great way to attract new customers.

Organize Give-Aways

Organizing a giveaway is a great way to reach more customers and get more followers. Ask your already existing followers will re-share, like, and comment on your content to create a buzz around your brand. 

Give-aways should last long enough that the build-up gets in more traffic and more people start engaging on your posts. Your giveaways don’t have to be elaborate, and the prize can be free dinner or dessert for two. 

Reward Your Regulars

Rewarding your regular customers is one of the best ways to use Twitter to reach more customers. Rewards for your guests show your followers that you value your customers. Show that being a loyal customer at your restaurant isn’t in vain and comes with excellent perks. 

Offer complimentary appetizers or deserts to regulars who post on their social media accounts and tweet about their visits to your restaurant. This is a great way to engage with existing followers and bring in potential customers.

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