3 Tips To Use Mobile Marketing For Growing a Food Business

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Mobile Optimized Website 

Consumers are increasingly reporting that their mobile device is their primary means of accessing the Internet.

It’s vital to develop a responsive website since reading a website that isn’t mobile-friendly will rapidly turn consumers off your brand.

Put simply, responsive web pages adjust themselves to fit the device being used to view them, whether it’s a giant desktop monitor or a small smartphone screen.

More than merely impressing your consumers with your online visitor experience, responsive website design does more. Because Google now crawls and evaluates websites for mobile and desktop performance, it can help you improve your SEO rankings.

Google My Business Account 

Google My Business is a free Google tool that allows business owners to establish a page for their company that will appear in Google search results.

This page includes details such as your business hours, location, website, menu, and Google reviews.

Since this page appears in the search results, it might be a potential customer’s first engagement with your company, so make sure all of the information provided is correct.

Furthermore, having a Google My Business account can help your business appear in local searches, such as when someone searches for “restaurants near me,” which is a terrific method to reach out to local clients and leverage your location-based mobile marketing.

Text Message Marketing 

Text messages allow you to stay in touch with previous diners and urge them to return.

Restaurants, cafés, bars, and caterers may use text messaging to communicate with employees, boost customer loyalty, and much more – all while saving time and money.

You can use text message marketing to interact and engage with your customers in various ways. 

  • Send limited-time deals through text message.
  • Keep customers informed about weekly discounts.
  • Remind customers about forthcoming events. 
  • Send reservation text messages. 
  • Send order-ready text messages. 

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