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In this post, we will be hitting everything there is to restaurant menu optimization by highlighting various tactics to upsell your food items. Speaking of upselling, to say that customers shop with their eyes would be an understatement. 

The age of digitization has helped many food businesses to scale their sales tactics through a well-calculated product menu displacement. In a restaurant’s case, the term: “product” interprets as a tantalizing food menu that customers can buy on a whim. Ideally, this menu should be so well optimized that customers wouldn’t have to think twice before adding items to their virtual carts.

However, to achieve that effect, you’re going to have to play your cards right. It takes an intelligent combination of strategically placed food items, high-resolution shots, and constant menu optimization through some sort of dedicated back-end item/menu optimizer feature.

Fortunately, Blink. partners enjoy the convenience of creating such menus through a blend of dynamic item manager, Microsoft Power Bi reports, and other upselling tactics to go along with. As far as all three aspects of a powerful robust food app menu are concerned, we’ll be going through them in detail later on. 
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